Gregg Valentino – The Man Whose Arms Exploded


Gregg Valentino “Bodybuilder” – The Man Whose Arms Exploded¬†


Gregg Valentino is in the Guinness Book of Records as the Bodybuilding man with the biggest biceps in the World. His arms have a circumference of 28 inches. Gregg followed a 28 year body-building regime without relying on performance enhancing drugs, but this didn’t set the record. This came after a further 2 years of intensive training and anabolic steroids to pump his muscles to these extremes. Steroids would be his road to fame, and ultimately to infamy.

In the UK, Dave Talbot is in the gym at five o’clock every morning. He will train for two and a half hours before returning home for breakfast. He will take the kids to school before returning to the gym for another two and a half hour workout. He will do this seven days a week for months on end.¬†

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